Journal of Orthopedics

About The Journal

Welcome to the Journal of Orthopedics. This journal is dedicated to advancing the field of orthopedics through cutting-edge research, interdisciplinary collaboration, and global knowledge dissemination.

About the Journal:

The Journal of Orthopedics is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal providing a comprehensive platform for orthopedic surgeons, researchers, and healthcare professionals worldwide. Our mission is to foster innovation, share expert insights, and contribute to the ongoing evolution of orthopedic knowledge.

Key Focus Areas:

  • Joint Preservation and Reconstruction: In-depth exploration of novel techniques in joint preservation and reconstruction, offering solutions for conditions such as osteoarthritis and joint injuries.
  • Advancements in Orthopedic Surgery: Keeping abreast of the latest surgical techniques, innovations, and outcomes in orthopedic surgery. Our journals feature research that pushes the boundaries of orthopedic surgical practice.
  • Musculoskeletal Regeneration: Showcasing groundbreaking studies on regenerative medicine and tissue engineering, aiming to revolutionize the restoration of damaged musculoskeletal tissues.
  • Orthopedic Imaging and Diagnostics: Featuring research on cutting-edge imaging technologies and diagnostic approaches, enhancing the early detection and accurate diagnosis of orthopedic conditions.

Global Collaboration:

The Journal of Orthopedics actively encourages international collaboration among authors, institutions, and healthcare professionals. We believe that a diverse range of perspectives enriches the discourse in the field of orthopedics.

Submission Guidelines:

Authors are invited to submit high-quality manuscripts that align with the scope of the journal. Detailed submission guidelines, including formatting requirements and ethical considerations, can be found on our website.

Open Access Policy:

In line with TeqRes Publishing House's commitment to global knowledge dissemination, the Journal of Orthopedics follows an open-access policy. This ensures that research is freely accessible to a global audience, accelerating scientific progress.

Editorial Board:

Our esteemed editorial board comprises leading experts in the field of orthopedics, ensuring rigorous peer review and maintaining editorial excellence.

Why Publish with Us?

  • Global Visibility: Reach a diverse and global audience of orthopedic surgeons, researchers, and healthcare professionals.
  • Rigorous Peer Review: Benefit from a thorough and constructive peer-review process.
  • Open Access: Increase the visibility and impact of your research with open-access publishing.
  • International Collaboration: Join a community of researchers actively engaged in advancing orthopedic knowledge globally.

Contact Information:

For inquiries, submissions, or collaborations, please contact our editorial office at

Join Us in Advancing Orthopedic Knowledge:

The Journal of Orthopedics invites researchers and professionals to contribute to our mission of advancing musculoskeletal health. Together, let's shape the future of orthopedics, enhancing the well-being of individuals around the world.

Submit your ground breaking research to the Journal of Orthopedics and be part of a global community committed to advancing the frontiers of orthopedic knowledge.